The Simple Lens

Hear what it is like to implement the Simple Lens System directly from Luma Health's CEO, sales manager and lead sales rep. They share about the implementation process and how the simple lens 2x'd their average deal size and half their sales cycle.


With a simple lens and system

You can continuously 2x revenue without slowing down.

Your existing team will know what to do, and why, in every moment. Their clarity will create a revenue engine that attracts top performers. You will grow your team confidently, hanging on to what made you special from the start. Instantly, with less waste, and less risk.

A system for consistent 2x growth requires a:
  • Lens - a filter made up of beliefs, experience, mental states, training, etc that impacts how we perceive what's actually happening in any given moment
  • Process - a step-by-step map to generate repeatable revenue across your revenue team
  • Methodology - the way you locate yourself on the map and how you take each next step collaboratively
  • Self-lens - the way you know when you are seeing yourself, your map and all available options in any given moment clearly
  • Toolkit - a set of tailored tools that keep you returning to the map, a co-created reality, and your team's authentic best
With this you always know:
  • Which deals to focus on next
  • The clearest next step for each deal
  • How to progress deals while saying or doing the least, especially as you enter new markets, channels or product categories
  • How to align each of your revenue teams including Sales, SDR's, Solution Engineering, Customer Success, and Product Marketing
  • How to see your path to product market fit clearly and consistently
And you'll cultivate as your personal baseline:
  • Compassion
  • Curiosity
  • Consistency (to be present as an equal)