The Simple Lens System

A Real-WorldĀ Success Story

Listen to the firsthand experiences of the CEO, Sales Manager, and Lead Sales Rep from Luma Health as they recount implementing the Simple Lens System. They discuss the process, sharing insights about how the Simple Lens System doubled their average deal size and halved their sales cycle.

You will always know:
  • Which deals to focus on next
  • The clearest next step for each deal
  • How to progress deals while saying or doing the least, especially as you enter new markets, channels or product categories
  • How to align each of your revenue teams including Sales, SDR's, Solution Engineering, Customer Success, and Product Marketing
  • How to see your path to product-market fit clearly and consistently
Leaders will lead from:
  • Compassion
  • Curiosity
  • Consistency (leading proactively as an equal in every moment)
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See for yourself, with the Simple Lens

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