Sales Optimization
for Founding Teams

Discover the Simple Lens System, a first-principles sales framework that drives accelerated growth and discovery through high-growth stages and transitions:

Start your journey with our FREE 100-minute video intro course, revealing the transformative power of the Simple Lens System. After witnessing its potential, apply for our "No Risk" pilot program—where we'll invest a few hours in revamping your sales process, pipeline, and pitch. You'll only pay for the pilot if you become a client, and it'll count as your first session.

Access 100-Minute course

Skip the sales pitch and experience immediate value.

Simply Start

Watch our intro video to learn how to put on - and keep on - a simple lens to 2x revenue, repeatedly.

You'll learn how to:

  • Drive a professional pipeline review
  • Prioritize which deals to "debug" further and how to "unit test" them expertly across any product or market segment
  • Help yourself, or your team, make the clearest most important next step while identifying potential skills gaps or self-sabotage patterns to address

Customize Your Toolkit 

Capture insights from debugging your deals and deck to help you see deeper, wider, and higher with the simple lens. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Surface and leverage deeper cost/value insights
  • Identify and leverage the right stakeholders to gain access to decision-makers
  • Tailor our simple toolkit to fit your GTM plan at each stage of your hyper-growth

Drive Consistency 

Align your team with our tailored toolkit that reinforces systematic use of the simple lens in every moment.

You'll clearly see:

  • The power of looking at your deals, deck and team through the simple lens 
  • Results from the first iteration of tailoring our toolkit to your needs
  • If we're aligned to work with each other in a more systematic way across your revenue teams to accelerate learning and impact to revenue
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"The engagement paid for itself very quickly in just the three or four months we've worked together. What I'm most excited about, anecdotally and directionally, I can say it's going to be a 5-10X return. Because it's now part of our DNA and approach. It's not just limited to Go-to-market. It's benefiting other functions."

Adnan Iqbal
CEO of Luma Health

"You talk to him for 5 minutes and he is already delivering value in your sales process. Without knowing anything contextual about us, he was able to look at the pure mechanics of the sales process and then instantly start moving the needle. That was surprising. That sold me."

Henrik Bennetsen
Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of
Canvas Construction

"Walter made it clear that our scoring and assessment of where deals really were in the pipeline was way off. We brought a couple of people in from our team who are very experienced, one of them has been selling for 30 years and the other is a 20-year veteran, and after working with Walter for a couple of hours our team decided to work with him in a much more committed sustained way."

Jon Sobel
CEO of SightMachine