Accelerate Your Founder-led Venture

Founder-led Sales and Systems Coaching

Through a simple lens, quickly discover how to accelerate specific deals, product market fit validation, and the development of collaborative leaders across every business function.

From the start, create a system where you can grow with your venture and delegate at each stage of growth without diluting your founding vision.

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"The engagement paid for itself very quickly in just the three or four months we've worked together. What I'm most excited about, anecdotally and directionally, I can say it's going to be a 5-10X return. Because it's now part of our DNA and approach. It's not just limited to Go-to-market. It's benefiting other functions."

Adnan Iqbal
CEO of Luma Health

"You talk to him for 5 minutes and he is already delivering value in your sales process. Without knowing anything contextual about us, he was able to look at the pure mechanics of the sales process and then instantly start moving the needle. That was surprising. That sold me."

Henrik Bennetsen
Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of
Canvas Construction

"Walter made it clear that our scoring and assessment of where deals really were in the pipeline was way off. We brought a couple of people in from our team who are very experienced, one of them has been selling for 30 years and the other is a 20-year veteran, and after working with Walter for a couple of hours our team decided to work with him in a much more committed sustained way."

Jon Sobel
CEO of SightMachine
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Learn fast, win faster

Accelerate sales results using the See One, Do One, Teach One learning technique inspired by on-the-job medical training.

See One

Absorb in Action

Watch as an expert coach wears the 'simple lens' to dissect your deals, optimize your pipeline, hone your pitch, and uncover essential insights using templates rooted in first principles reasoning.

Do One

 Collaborate and Co-lead

Put on the 'simple lens' to mirror these actions, accelerating your deals as you continuously iterate upon your sales playbook in collaboration with your coach. This process expedites both inidivdiual and team learning.

Teach One

Lead, Adapt, and Grow

Introduce the 'simple lens' system to your entire revenue team, increasing market alignment by transforming every win or loss into actionable insights. As you navigate through high-growth stages, receive coaching support to quickly adapt to new challenges.

Drive Success at Every Stage of Growth

The foundation of sustainable high-growth is the cultivation of strong leadership and revenue systems based on first principles.

For Founders

Combine the insight of your domain with the lens of a seasoned sales professional. Navigate early sales confidently, secure your first major deals, and build a repeatable sales model methodically.

For High Performing Sales Reps

Get recognized and promoted as a leader. Convert your implicit actions into explicit, scalable best practices with a proven toolkit. Help reduce the performance gap in your team and showcase predictable performance potential to attract top talent to join your team.

For Seasoned Sales Leaders

Elevate your top performers, whether they’re homegrown or recruited externally. Get support to onboard new employees and trouble shoot deals when you are focused on building out your sales organization and strategy.

For Seasoned CROs

Align leaders across Sales, Solution Engineering, Customer Success, Product Marketing, and RevOpps. Instill a shared language and perspective, creating an assembly line that increases effectiveness and efficiency with insights from every win or loss. 

Love sales from the start?

"We're starting to introduce Walter as soon as possible to our teams. The big thing Walter brings to the table is that he convinces engineers to like sales. They go talk to him, and they come back f'n loving doing sales. Before that, they hated doing sales. With a month to Demo Day, he was able to not only help a developer founder close a 6-figure deal, but he helped turn it into a 7-figure deal helping them raise the biggest round of the cohort at a much higher valuation than expected. Walter helps top AI founders cut through the hype to figure out what customers truly need.

- Dave founder of and General Partner at Backend Capital 

Accelerator for developer-founded companies

Venture fund for the next billion-dollar engineers


Doubled average deal size, halved the sales cycle within a quarter

"The pace of transformation was fast, it took weeks and paid for itself very quickly in the 3-4 months we worked together. What I'm more excited about is that it is going to be a 5-10x return. It's not just limited to Go-to-Market, it's benefiting other functions. The biggest benefit is that I can now delegate sales and enable our sales manager to truly become the sales leader. It changes the growth trajectory of a company. My most predictable solid base is 2x'ing output which allows me to invest in the areas we're newer at. What I'm most surprised about is how quickly it was adopted not just by a rep but by the whole team.  This is part of our culture, always be learning, always be testing, doing more of what works, manically focused on self-improvement and growth. This helped us structure the chaos in early-stage startups.

- Adnan Iqbal of

Series B Healthtech CEO

Set the next sales leader up for success

"When our new sales leader came in he brought a lot of his past experience and methodologies with him like MEDDIC. Because we had already embedded the Simple Lens templates including the 3Ws and the MVPitch and our entire approach to opening these calls up and gaining a deeper level of information it built a foundation that we were able to just put MEDDIC on top of rather than change everything. 

- Josh Moore Sr. Director of Sales of

First manager to be delegated sales

Enhance alignment between Sales and Customer Success 

"Once we bought into it as the sales team, then it translated over into customer success. Now whenever we do an internal hand-off meeting with the customer success team, they are breaking down what the 3Ws are with us, from our notes in salesforce, into the real things to focus on in the initial kick-off with the customer.  So the Simple Lens process is going from the first meeting with the customer all the way through to their kickoff call, taking those same pain points and tying them to the solutions that we're going to implement and why we're going to implement what first.

- Kevin Railsback Director of Sales of

Lead sales rep turned sales leader


Lead Sales Different

The Simple Lens Point of View


Here's to the captains of growth—trailblazers, disruptors.

Founding teams of developers, designers, visionaries, and experts who don’t just see different—they start and scale sales different. 

With a simple lens, they chart unknown paths, tracing patterns in chaos with intuitive clarity. Their sight remains unclouded when others falter. 

In sales, they blend beginner’s mind with expert focus, embodying perpetual learning and personal growth.

Where others see fog, cast by old habits of thought and emotions, they perceive themselves and reality lucidly. With each step into the vast unknown, their resilience strengthens.  

Laser-focused on pivotal deals and strategic next steps, they cultivate leaders and build scalable systems.

Where once repelled by sales, they now discover personal power. 

This power isn’t added—It’s a shift in perception, viewing sales as an integral part of their character, an expression of their passion and craft. 

So here's to those who lead sales differently. Those who breathe life into the spirit of the Simple Lens. To the captains of personal and professional growth.

See for yourself, with the Simple Lens

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