We are Simple Lens by Moment Sales, LLC. With a simple lens based on first principles, we empower you to quickly find the simplest path to repeatedly closing your deals and to repeatedly increase your alignment with your market as you grow.

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Walter R. Roth


Walter’s Simple Lens System* is an integration of his background in engineering, being a venture-backed founder at twenty-three, an EIR at a venture fund, sales leader at multiple startups, and working on several research projects on mindfulness and other self-awareness modalities. He is a highly ranked mentor at various accelerators including Alchemist Accelerator and is an external coach for Alchemists enterprise ventures.

*Based on Steve Browne's book Innovators Traction. Steve is an active advisor to Moment Sales and acknowledges Walter as one of his inspirations to write the book on the 3Ws. 

Steve Browne

Advisor and Godfather of the 3W's

The Simple Lens System is built upon the 3W's (Why buy anything, Why buy us, Why buy now) and the 3W 10 Steps sales process innovated by Steve Browne in the 80's and 90's as he made the transition from Developer to Solution Engineer to award winning Sales Leader and hunter. You can read more about Steve in his book Innovators Traction. Steve is an advisor to SimpleLens. 

Justin Lokitz

Advisor for Solution Strategy and Strategic Partnerships

Justin’s #1 goal in life is to help others harness opportunity from uncertainty. As a Solution Engineer, Product Manager, Business Consultant, and Advisor he has worked for and with major Fortune 100 companies like Oracle, Cisco, VW, Autodesk, and lots more. Using his power to connect-the-dots, Justin has an impressive ability to help organizations of every size build strategic partnerships with their customers and has a proven track record of guiding organizations to ‘ah-ha’ moments.

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Nisha Burton

Advisor for Brand and Creative Strategy

Nisha is passionate about building brands and telling amazing stories. As a Brand Strategist she has worked with major Fortune 100 companies like Intel, Nike, HP, and more. She focuses on creating emotional connections that carry through integrated marketing campaigns in order to build and strengthen long term brand affinity. 

About Mark Williams


Mark is a former fighter pilot, tech executive across industries spanning roles in operations and sales management, and is an elite performance coach focusing on executives, Olympic athletes, and first responders. He's brought to the Simple Lens System concepts from his military and mindfulness training that include the OODA Loop innovated by John Boyd