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Our pilots quickly fix critical deals, transforms your deck, and sharpens your Go-to-Market in less than a few hours.

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You'll be expertly guided to put on, and keep on, a simple lens. Wearing it you'll experience ways to see your deals consistently with clarity. You'll receive firm but gentle support to slow down, look deeper, wider, and higher. What you find will accelerate your deals and 2x your average deal size across your pipeline.

You'll learn how to iteratively tailor your toolkit based on insights gained from wearing this lens internally and with prospects.

This system will transform how you see, speak, and think through your deals. You'll have more clarity and confidence in taking action on your Go-To-Market strategy, including identifying where it needs to be refined or rebuilt.

If we're aligned to work together in a more systematic way, the pilot counts as our first paid session together.


Fix what breaks & identify potential mental hijacks 

  • Self-repairing - Consistent use of the toolkit informs how you fix what breaks every time you 2x revenue and/or headcount.
  • Self Mastering - the simple lens highlights potential mental or emotional hijacks that obstruct your vision.
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