Founder Sales "Table Stakes"

For the first time, this 100-minute course is free until 2023. Transform yourself and your sales process to navigate the path of consistent 2x growth in the least amount of time and risk. Gain access here to 2022's Intro course for free until the end of the year.

Managing and delegating to sales professionals

Advance how you identify and manage great reps, while leveling up your existing team and creating a repeatable model that attracts a high-level talent pool.

Delegating revenue team alignment during hyper growth

Enhance how your revenue teams collaborate internally with each other and externally with the market, as you continuously 2x sales and rebuild your revenue engine without having to slow down.

Sales for Customer Success Teams

Advance how customer success teams receive new customer "hand-offs" to decrease time to first value while accelerating time to expansion. 

If it's F'n your deal, it's F'n your life

(Aka Sales as a Spiritual Dojo)

A unique advanced course that offers a deeper look into identifying how the patterns that are negatively impacting your deals are also impacting your life. In this course, you will accelerate your path of self-awareness gaining insights that help you debug your deals faster and/or find motivation from your life to use sales as a dojo for both self and sales mastery. Either way, you learn how becoming conscious of negative patterns in your deals or life is the first step in letting them go in both resulting in inner and outer transformation. This course is not for everyone. A strong desire for deep inner growth and the capacity for honesty with oneself is required. While challenging, it does open up entirely new level of sales, leadership, and self-mastery.

Simple lens video courses leverage templates to efficiently bring your deals, your pitch, and overall GTM through the “Simple Lens System”.

In each of them you will experience:

  1. How to conduct a professional pipeline review with 1-minute status updates, that build trust and identify areas to reinforce with reps relating to their most critical deals.
  2. How to debug deals for process, skill, GTM/messaging/deck, and self-sabotage.
  3. How to sharpen pitch materials to reinforce how reps manage meetings to deliver high-level output that enhances pipeline reviews and alignment across revenue teams.

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